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Document Management

Looking for a smarter Document Management solution?

Are you struggling with the increasing demands of documentation, compliance management and communication? Would you like to improve productivity and reduce costs? Would you like a faster more efficient way to distribute approved documents, collaborate and communicate with project participants using one online secure platform?

The solution is OMTrak documents!

The OMTrak Documents module makes distributing drawings, reports, contracts, BIM Models, tenders, documentation and communication to project participants quick and easy. The online secure platform helps ensure that the information available is current, accurate and easily accessible. Powerful search and version control features makes finding and managing your documents a breeze.

How does it work?

Set Up – Document Controllers setup the system to meet the requirements of their project, including folders, users, teams and permissions.

Usage – Documents are uploaded into the online platform and distributed to any project participant that requires access. Users are notified via email of any new or superseded documents available for download via the system.

Review & Mark-Up – Documents can be reviewed online and marked up using the OMTrak preview and mark-up tool.

Search – Powerful ‘Google like’ search tools and filters allows users to quickly and easily find documents within a project and even across multiple projects. The search is so powerful it can return results based on text found inside the documents.

document management - project collaboration made easy

How are we different?

Unlike some systems, distributing documents is quick and easy; you won’t have to waste valuable time filling in copious amounts of information. We have invested heavily in modern design, engaging experts from all over the world to ensure the best user experience possible. And best of all, the OMTrak documents module is completely integrated with the O&M Manuals and Site Works modules, providing you with one single system best placed to handle all your project collaboration needs.

You will love these features!

Manage Teams & Users – Create teams and manage your own users.

Folder Hierarchies – Create folder structures, mimic your company’s internal setup, its flexible and tailorable.

Private & Shared – Allow teams to access shared project folders & documents with configurable privileges. Private folders are also generated for each team.

Email – Manage all your project email and correspondence.

Transmittals – Send documents and drawings to other project participants via transmittals.

Bulk Uploads – Upload multiple documents in a single session and save time.

Bulk Download – Download multiple folders and documents, compressed to save time.

Unzip – Uploaded zipped folders and documents can be unzipped within the system.

Versioning – Supersede documents, access and manage older versions.

Document Preview & Mark-Up – Preview documents online and add annotation.

Document Editing – Open, edit and save your documents online.

Tasks – Create and issue tasks and add comments to content.

Audit History – User and date stamp creation, change and version history.

Filters – Powerful filters make it easy to drill down, find and sort your documents, and the save filters function makes it quick and easy to apply to future sessions.

Search – Powerful ‘Google like’ searching can find documents across projects and even return results based on text matches found within documents.

Module Integration – fully integrated with the O&M Manuals and Site Works modules.