omtrak o&m manuals

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals

Looking for a smarter O&M solution?

Are delays in the handover process costing you money and preventing you moving onto your next project? Are you struggling compiling your operations & maintenance manuals? As a client, are the delays in hand over, the poor quality of the information and the format supplied preventing you from properly operating your new facility?

The solution is OMTrak manuals!

Using the OMTrak manuals module you can eliminate handover delays and improve the quality of your operations and maintenance manuals. From project commencement your manuals can be configured to meet your contractual and asset management requirements. Your manuals can be progressively built and reviewed online and on completion delivered in an easy to use electronic format ready for use in the clients asset management system. You will become one of the thousands of people that are using a system that is fast becoming the global standard.

How does it work?

Set Up – The manuals and asset registers are configured to meet requirements for the project and agreed to by project stakeholders

Capture – The Contractors progressively enter content and upload documents (assets, maintenance, drawings, warranties, certificates, commissioning data, operating instructions etc) to create their o&m manuals.

Review – project managers, consultants and owners progressively review, comment and sign off on the manuals using the online review system.

Deliver – Upon completion, a searchable set of electronic o&m manuals (including linked documents), and asset data configured to suit requirements is provided for hand over.

omtrak manuals module - manual hierarchy to suit your project

How are we different?

Unlike competitor systems that simply store documents in a data directory, OMTrak manuals creates a complete integrated set of electronic operations and maintenance manuals, complete with narrative to comply with industry requirements. With over 30 years of industry experience, we truly understand the facility owner’s need to get good clean accurate information upon project hand over, to effectiviely operate and maintain their new facilities

You will love these features!

Manage Teams & Users – Create teams and manage your own users

Simple Navigation – Simple friendly design allows you to easily navigate manuals and content

Asset Registers – Configured to enforce client requirements (including data validation, field types & lengths, dynamic category lists). Import and Export excel asset spreadsheets. Attach documents

Maintenance Schedules – Select from pre-loaded industry standards or create your own

Commissioning and handover – Simplify the process with task based accountability, use your own forms and effective completion reporting

Document Preview & Markup – Preview and markup your documents online

Document Editing – Open, edit and save your documents online

Progress Reports – Track the progress and status of content via the chart reports

QA and Tasks – Provide feedback, create tasks and set due dates

Sign Off Process – Request content approval and track status

Module Integration – Fully integrated with the Document Management and Site Works modules

Outputs – Output searchable user friendly electronic o&m manuals and data fit for asset managment systems
omtrak manuals module - chart reports to track status & progress

Using OMTrak manuals will benefit you!

The Owner

Save Money – OMTrak produces an asset register that can be used in your management system, saving you the cost of duplicated data capture. For one major client this was up to $250,000 per project.

Review process – allows you to check the manuals before handover to reduce delays in using the new facilities and ensures the proper documentation is available to meet your statutory obligations. Save space by eliminating hard copy manuals and also do your bit for the environment.

Green star user manuals – can also be included and separated for handover to tenants and strata owners. It also helps maximise the number of Green Star points.

Standardise your manuals – by including OMTrak in your specification to ensure a consistent format and presentation for all your projects.

The Contractor

Save Time – using OMTrak on your next project will reduce delays by allowing you to check each sub-contractors progress online and ensure all manuals are completed before handover. Resources can then be deployed to the next job and securities released on time.

Professional output – the manuals are professional and the online review system ensures the content is acceptable to the owner.

Reduce printing and storage costs – OMTrak can save the costs associated with printing for multiple hard copies and long term record storage.

The Sub-Contractor

Simple format – the simple intuitive format allows you to get on with the job and avoids the problem of second guessing the owner’s requirements.

Progressive data input – allows you to create your o&m manuals as the work progresses, avoiding the last minute hassle of finding that missing drawing or certificate. The review system provides timely feedback on errors or omissions.

Eliminate multiple draft copies – save on printing costs for multiple drafts and final hard copies and delays in getting completion.