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Site Works (Defects, Punch lists, Snags)

Overwhelmed with site inspections?

Are you struggling to manage your site inspections? Are you still using old school methods like paper and spreadsheets? Would you like a faster more efficient way to distribute your defects, snags and punch lists?

OMTrak Site Works is the solution!

Using the OMTrak Site Works module you can record, distribute and manage your issues faster and more efficiently than traditional methods. Site Works give you complete real time visibility as issues are captured and dealt with. The site works mobile app for the iPad and iPhone makes capturing issues and taking photos a breeze, and with full functionality in both online and offline modes, you can continue working uninterrupted even in mobile black spots.

How does it work?

Set Up – The defect fields, location lists and users permissions are set up to meet project requirements.

Capture – The contractor, consultants and owners capture issues on site that are then distributed to sub-contractors for rectification.

Progress – Sub-contractors update issue status from ‘assigned’, to ‘in progress’ and when rectified ‘inspect now’.

Review & Close – The project team inspects the completed work and either rejects and comments, or approves and closes the issue out.

omtrak site works module - easy to capture and distribute defects, punch lists, snags

How are we different?

Unlike some competitor systems, site works includes full online and offline mobile functionality, allows for the creation of custom issue fields and data lists and keeps an audit change history. Site Works is completely integrated with the other OMTrak modules making project collaboration and user management easy.

You will love these features!

Manage Teams & Users – Create teams and manage your users and permissions.

MobileiPhone & iPad app with complete online/offline capability.

Photo Annotation – Take photos and draw on them.

QR Location Scan – Scan location codes to quickly identify buildings, levels and spaces using the mobile app.

Custom Fields – Create your own custom fields and data list

Comments – Add comments your issues.

Live Status Tracking – Issues progress from assigned, in progress, inspect, to rejected or closed.

Filters – Drill down and sort through content.

Audit History – user and date stamp creation and change history.

Reports – Track the progress and status of content via the chart reports.

Outputs – Exports in excel and PDF formats. Photos and comments can be included in your PDF.

Module Integration – fully integrated with the Document Management and Manuals modules

omtrak site works module - progress reports

Improved quality, accuracy and efficiency

OMTrak Site Works will significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of identifying and managing issues. The system will prevent the duplication and reduce costs and administration associated with old school systems.