QEII Medical Centre selects WebFM

By May 27, 2011 No Comments

The QEII Medical Centre’s transformation is underway.

The QEII Medical Centre is expanding into one of Perth’s largest medical, research and education facilities to benefit all Western Australians.

OMTrak was selected by NMAHS as the base platform for recording As-Built works in a format that can be directly imported into the Works Management system used on the site. When complete the Centre will have a full Asset Register, Maintenance routines and Supporting Documentation/Plans in electronic format for direct import. The OMTrak platform provides a complete solution to integrating works into the Centres existing platforms.

Works are underway on an expanded Comprehensive Cancer Centre, PathWest facility, Western Australian Institute for Medical Research and Central Energy Plant.

Future plans for the QEII Medical Centre site include a new Children’s Hospital and multi deck carpark due to commence in 2011.