MCG Water Recycling Facility

By April 7, 2012 No Comments

We are pleased to announce that OMTrak has been selected for the delivery of O&M Manuals on the new underground Water Recycling Facility at the iconic MCG.

The $22m project, funded by the Melbourne Cricket Club ($16m) and the Victorian Government ($6m), will treat sewage from the local sewerage network to ‘Class A’ recycled water standards. The plant will produce over 600 kilolitres of recycled water per day which will be re-used primarily as irrigation in Yarra Park, as well as for cleaning and toilet flushing at the MCG and the nearby Punt Road Oval.

As one of the first of its type in Victoria, the Recycling Facility has been built underground, out of public view, without taking way from valuable surface land use or park amenity. The treatment process will consist of screening and grit removal, biological treatment of the sewage and chemical addition for phosphate removal, filtration via membrane bioreactor (MBR) and ultrafiltration (UF) membrane systems, and disinfection via ultraviolet (UV) and chlorination.

Tenix is the most credentialed MBR integrator in Australia, having completed 10 turnkey MBR and MBR/RO plants for potable water replacement, irrigation or beneficial discharge to the environment, and with another three MBR plants under construction and others in design and piloting.

Once the three-part roof is assembled, soil will be placed over the top and Victoria’s largest underground water recycling facility will be almost entirely hidden from view. The facility will undergo a comprehensive testing regime to ensure the water quality meets EPA guidelines. If all goes to plan, the taps will be turned on mid-year 2012.