ADF Single LEAP 2

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Furthering WebFM’s experience in delivering Defence Projects, each of the 6 builders (Built Environs, Pindan, Richard Crookes Constructions, Sitzler, Watpac) participating in the National project have selected OMTrak to assist deliver the complex Asset requirements that needed to effectively manage the new facilities.

A total of 3,015 permanent units will be delivered at 14 defence force bases in every Australian mainland State and Territory. The project is fundamental to the ongoing recruitment and retention of high quality young people in the Australian Defence Forces.

The new facilities offer independent living accommodation for Australian Defence Force personnel. It will dramatically improve the living-in accommodation able to be provided to single servicemen and servicewomen across Australia.

As in LEAP 1, the special purpose Project Co, Plenary Living is overseeing the development.

Each of the Sites have a standard O&M Manual and Asset Capture system in place which allows for the capture of information once as part of the manuals to be utilised through the project by the different project partners. Online review and approval streamlines the process of managing the handover.