Delivering O&M Manuals & FM data on time

By November 19, 2012 No Comments

Many Facility Managers complain about the time and costs of getting asset data in a timely manner for new projects.  Some give up and just re-capture the data following handover, other muddle their way through adding key data as the need arises and other pay a lot of money for consultants to go over the new facilities and create the asset data ready for use in their asset management systems.  This video shows how one FM in the US sought to move the timeline forward so his team can capture the asset data during construction.

On the surface it looks ok however there are hidden risks.  These include changes that may occur between initial installation and final handover where equipment may be changed over at the last minute rendering the pre-captured asset data useless. Also there is the risk of missing important items that the FM team may not be aware of or not fully capturing the critical information to properly operate and maintain the plant.  The best approach is to allow the installing contractors to provide the right information in a format that can be used by the FM without further cost or re-work.  The contractors know the equipment they have installed and what is required to operate and maintain the items.   OMTrak is the simplest means to deliver O&M Manuals with all the required asset data ready for use in the FM systems, no duplicated effort and costs.