OMTrak involved with new BIM technologies

By November 27, 2012 No Comments

WebFM USA has been involved with an exciting new development using new BIM technologies. The $1.8b project now underway is using OMTrak to develop their O&M Manuals as well as integration to the latest in BIM 3D systems. This has allowed sub-contractors to create their O&M Manuals without the need for high level BIM/3D CAD skills or technology.

The unique data based approach used by OMTrak allows a simple interface into the BIM model linking as-built documents, maintenance schedules and asset data. As the OMTrak system is pre-configured to suit the end clients existing asset management system it bridges the gap between the BIM model and the construction phase to the long term operations phase without costly data duplication. To learn more click this video link to see more about the project and the links using OMTrak.