Master Builders Excellence in Construction Awards 2014

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WebFM would like to congratulate Ballarat based builder Nicholson Construction for receiving the prestigious award of ‘Regional Commercial Builder of the Year 2014’.

Project: Federation University Ballarat – Federation College & Manufacturing & Engineering Skills Centre

The new state-of-the-art Federation College and Manufacturing and Engineering Skills Centre is one of the most impressive structures in Ballarat. The striking external façade consists of multiple finishes with the inspired west elevation referring to the purpose of the facility by representing the cell structure of steel under a microscope. The contemporary internal finishes are robust and functional to cope with the harsh environment of manufacturing education.

A unique graphic in the Manufacturing and Engineering Skills Centre reflects the history of Henry Sutton, a leading local inventor from Ballarat whose revolutionary ideas about mechanics in the 1950s continue to provide links with the education of students today at the Federation University Australia.

Now one of the largest educational institutions in Ballarat, the Manufacturing Technical Training Centre and the Technical Education Centre represent a sizable investment by the Federation University Australia to achieve excellence in education. The two facilities consolidate articulated learning pathways in manufacturing technology, industry specific skills and personal development skills. The concrete reinforced structure incorporates extensive ESD principles and is founded on driven piles. Spectacular facades present distinct street identities for the two centres which are joined by shared amenities and a student breakout space.