WebFM commences remote condition assessments

By May 11, 2015 No Comments

Recently WebFM was engaged to undertake a large number of condition assessments for remote facilities in the Northern Territory, Australia.

This complex project involves a wide number of specialists covering building compliance, site surveys, condition assessments and development of forward asset plans.

Given the remote nature of some of the facilities extensive use of Charter Flights is needed to transport the team quickly and efficiently around the region.

In order to manage this large program WebFM has incorporated both its OMTrak and MPlan Systems to provide on-line document management as well as capturing all the condition data.

OMTrak Documents module is being used to allow all the team members to share and transmit project documents seamlessly. This simplifies communication and avoids the lost email problem.

OMTrak Manualsmodule is being used to create a long lasting knowledge management solution for each facility. The Manuals incorporate critical site documentation and reports for on-going use and to streamline access to both on-site and head office staff.

OMTrak Site Works module is used to record critical photos and issues that are identified during the inspections. The mobile app is ideal for operating in remote areas, allowing the team to capture information off-line and then when back in major towns sync and upload to the cloud.

MPlan is used to capture the condition assessment data for each site and at the same time provide vital asset reporting for site based works and whole portfolio asset strategic planning.

WebFM is uniquely placed to support a client’s complex assessment program providing a long term solution to both knowledge management and forward asset planning.

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