Closing the Handover Gap

By December 21, 2016 No Comments

This year Eric Bishop (FCC Project Director, Auckland Prison) and Ryan Chappell (WebFM NZ’s BDM) delivered a series of presentations in New Zealand on closing the handover gap for major capital works projects.

These presentations were done as part of the Construction Excellence NZ ltd (CE). The CE is a national cross sector Industry Group to promote improvements and share common experiences in delivery of new projects.

Eric’s presentation highlighted the often poorly managed process of handover.  The image Eric used was of a rickety old bridge between the Project Team and the Clients Asset team.  Eric’s key message is a “no surprises” handover.  Eric spoke about his new project, the $300 million dollar Auckland PPP prison facility, and the critical contract and financial risks of not achieving timely handover.  The days of “trust me” and “we will get those documents ASAP” are no longer acceptable.  This is especially so when dealing with new Work Health Safety regulations and compliance management.

Eric’s “no surprises” approach is based on start early, focus on the end and assume nothing.  Start early is not 12 weeks before handover. It is when the site sheds are installed.  By getting the project team and the client’s FM together to discuss the end allows all stakeholders to put their expectations on the table and then to manage these down from wants to needs that can be delivered.  By focusing on the end game, e.g. Prison able to receive inmates, then the real project objective is now defined and by all parties.  At this point ‘assume nothing’ is about documenting The Handover Plan where the document captures each stakeholder’s role, responsibilities, timing and deliverables.

Eric’s approach is not just theory, he was awarded by Chief Australian Air Force for achieving successful handover of a major multi-base re-development 10 months ahead of time and with “no surprises”.

A big part of Eric’s success is his use of the Omtrak system over the past 10 years.  Manuals allows the client to pre-configure the process to suit their asset management and at the same time allows the Project team to monitor progress and content real time.  The Omtrak Site Works app allows the capture of defects and other site quality issues before handover, in effect working towards a defect free completion.  As Eric said “without Omtrak we could not deliver a successful handover”.

In the second part of the presentation Ryan Chappell outlined how the OMTtrak Site Works app has been adapted to support Eric’s project and his challenge to meet its very complex process of independent reviewer certification.  The problem was ‘duelling spreadsheets’ where the contractor’s list and the independent reviewer’s list of 2500 actions did not match.  The solution was to provide a ‘single point of truth’ using OMTrak Site Works.  Site Works contains the 2500 inspections and allows the Contractor to activate each one, the independent reviewer to action it and both to monitor progress accurately at any time.

WebFM looks forward to growing its relationship with the Clients Construction Excellence Group, and holding more presentations with our NZ clients around other topics where clients are having success. For more information regarding the Clients Construction Excellence Group please visit http://www.constructing.co.nz/Services/Construction-Clients-Group/About-CCG