Mega Project Defect Management

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Mega Project Defect Management

If you had $1 for every defect found on your latest project how many dollars would that be?



How about $100,000?

Dealing with thousands of defects during the construction phase of a mega sized project is not uncommon. However, managing that process will cost you far more than $1 per defect if the process is not managed well.

But how do you effectively manage the process on large scale projects?

Project Managers already find it incredibly difficult to keep track of everything that happens on site. Being able to delegate responsibilities, and communicate effectively with all parties is crucial in  gaining a complete project overview and also identifying where attention is needed.

Managing defects proactively can be done by setting clear standards and by empowering staff to take action where required. Logging issues as soon as they are spotted, and ensuring they are rectified quickly, to reduce costs and prevent delays, should be the aim of the entire management team.

Here are some steps to ensure smooth defect management when working on a mega sized project:

  1. Create a company standard template that can be issued to contractors
  2. Schedule regular defect inspections to become proactive rather than reactive
  3. Educate employees and contractors how to effectively deal with defects
  4. Use a purpose built tool to capture and manage defects
  5. Keep the records in a central, easily accessible location, preferably cloud-based
  6. Actively inspect and close out defects as they are completed
  7. Communicate regularly with the project team regarding updates, the status of defects and to keep defect management top of mind

Proactivity at this scale is certainly worthwhile and the best place to start is with effective defect management.

The OmTrak Site Works application has been used around the globe on thousands of projects, including mega projects with construction values of over one billion dollars. This application will help you manage your defects and streamline the process. See video below.

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