WebFM Director and founder Stuart Smith recently addressed the Strata Community Association VIC  Forum-  Building Regulation & Cladding Rectification in February 2020. The conference addressed the rectification of combustible cladding used in high rise apartments and the building reform. It was also the launch of The Australian Building Manual Guideline. The guide is co-authored by WebFM, SCA and Engineers Australia as a further development of recommendation 20 of the Shergold Weir Building Confidence Report.

Why create a Building Manual Guideline?

The new guideline sets out a simple and cost-effective means for developers, designers, and contractors to create a building manual.

As Stuart highlighted at the conference, the regulatory framework for a building manual is largely in place. The various State Building and Planning Acts already require certain information as a condition precedent to granting an occupancy certificate.  Plus, the Work Health Safety Act’s have overarching requirements for the provision of information from Designers, Suppliers, and Contractors.  Add the Strata or Body Corporate Acts into the mix and you have a fairly comprehensive set of information requirements.

The problem is each regulation sits in a silo by itself.  Planning only looks for their stuff, WHS is often forgotten or unknown and the Strata Act can come later after handover and as apartment sales role out.

The new Guideline combines the different regulatory silos into a single Building Manual.  It is based on the collective experience of SCA Members, Engineers Australia, and WebFM.

Strata Community Association (SCA) Victorian CEO Maree Davenport said: “the Guideline will ensure that all building plans, lists of materials and products used, manufacturer, maintenance instructions and warranty information are handed over to owners before the final Occupancy Permit is granted by the responsible authority”.

WebFM’s Stuart Smith stated, “the Guideline has been prepared so that no information required in the Building Manual is extra to what the Designers, Developer, and Contractors already have available to them or are obligated to provide”.

In effect, the Guideline ensures a Building Manual will not add costs to a project.  It’s about being smarter not working harder.

Featured below are speakers and guests at the Strata Communities Association Forum – Combustible Cladding “The Burning Conversations Continued”

Download a copy of The Building Manual Guideline

The industry experts at WebFM can provide advice on how to comply with the recommendations outlined in The Building Manual Guideline. WebFM provides OmTrak software to the construction industry to organise and streamline building and asset information.  Contact us

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