Covid-19 working restrictions mean many people in the building industry are working from home. What can one possibly do to improve a construction or building project from home?

For many, this may mean catching up on critical documentation such as:

  • Quality Assurance Dealing with those minor variations from clients, suppliers and subies
  • Update the project plan including extensions of time
  • Conducting some on-line design reviews with your services team, designers and subies to resolve the inevitable conflicts
  • Take some time to just think quietly and look for solutions to problems that will occur in the future
  • Prepare your project handover plan or re-visit it to ensure it addresses not just the contract requirements, but also look to enhance the process by asking the clients facility team about options to improve delivery.

Taking advantage of the Covid 19 downtime to improve Building Information

If your project is using WebFM’s OmTrak system you can get cracking on your project Operations and Maintenance Manuals.

Depending on where your projects progress, you can complete a number of the sections, even if the works are not yet finished.

By example, the introduction and scope for your manual can be completed now.  The contract specification already sets out the scope of works.  Just cut, paste and edit to suit.  In addition, other sections are not predicated on actual work completed. These include;

  1. Help and Contact– the key project contacts, sub-contractors and their prime suppliers are already known.  Just add them in and even if there are changes to staff at least the main details are done
  2. Assets – even if the project is still underway there are already schedules of equipment that can be uploaded.  Some contractors even upload a full draft schedule without final serial numbers using their existing procurement lists
  3. Maintenance – the asset and equipment already loaded can now be attached to a relevant maintenance schedule
  4. Operations – for the equipment already installed the operating and manufacturers’ instructions and documents can be uploaded.  Even those documents relevant to equipment that is yet to be installed.
  5. Warranty, Certificates and Commissioning – this information can also be loaded for completed works to date.
  6. As-Builts – like the warranty and commissioning sections, works already installed can have the as-built plans uploaded

The more you do now the less you need to do nearer handover when the project has more pressing priorities.

In fact, using this downtime now may just make for a better handover and a little less stress.

If you are not sure what information to load into your project O&M you can download a copy of the new Australian Building Manual Guideline from 

This Guideline has some helpful hints on content for an O&M Manual.  Or you can contact the project manager or relevant consultant for advice.