Holistic project and asset planning intelligence for owners.

Comprehensive Facilities Management And Consulting Services

Are you looking to optimise your maintenance spend and gain deeper insight into your business in order to forecast your FM expenditure?

WebFM can partner with you to establish a strategic and total asset management plan across your whole portfolio. Use our knowledge and cutting-edge tools, such as MPlan to gain a thorough and overarching understanding of how all your assets relate to, and impact, each other.

Lifecycle Costing and Maintainability Reviews

WebFM advisors work with owners to help optimise a facility’s ongoing maintenance spend. Our comprehensive facilities management and consulting services help owners understand the potential forward maintenance liabilities associated with construction design decisions. We’ll give you up-front information about predicted maintenance issues over the long term, so you can plan and budget with certainty.

Condition Assessments & Maintenance Plans

Owners need to make strategic decisions about future maintenance spending. FMConsult can assess your facility or entire portfolio and offer informed advice about what maintenance work needs to be done, and when. This information will help you prioritise the required work over the long-term and match it back to your budgets.

Delivery Improvement

We can review and assess your existing business processes for your portfolio’s maintenance services. We’ll then advise the most efficient option, based on what contracts are in place, and what’s most critical to the asset’s maintainability.

Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

We offer customised advice to owners to establish and then review PPP contracts to ensure the best facility maintenance outcomes are delivered. Our contract advice gives you confidence that you have the right structures and clauses in place for the long term.


Our comprehensive facilities management and consulting services can review and assess your current processes and delivery models from a whole-of-portfolio maintenance perspective. By understanding your business goals, we’ll ensure that your systems and structures are the most efficient.

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