Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the price of the software?

The software is priced based on your project. We use a formula and the specific requirements of the project. So every project price is different. We will discuss in detail your project requirements and send you a proposal. Feedback from our clients state that we are excellent value for money.

Who pays for the software?

The facility owner usually purchases the software and instructs the builders and contractors to use OmTrak during construction. Other times, the builder or construction firm will pay for the use of OmTrak. This can occur when the owner requests the builder organise to use OmTrak during construction. In this case, the fees for the software are then included in the builders quote to the owner.

Contractors hired by the builder do not pay to use OmTrak they are given access to the specific project they are working on, under the builders or owners license.

Can I have a free trial?

Each project is different and our software is highly customised to suit your specific project. Therefore, we are unable to offer you a free trial – as with out the set up you won’t get a lot out of it. Instead, you can book a demonstration of the software in your office. This will allow your team to look inside the software and ask our representative questions. Many of our clients have asked for an OmTrak demo with an interest in one part of the software. On seeing the Demo and everything the system can do, they realise it will be useful for many other parts of their project too!

What industries can use OmTrak?

Large construction and building projects in the private and public sector have used OmTrak. Examples of industries include;

  • public and private hospitals
  • educational facilities
  • national defence facilities
  • Government facilities
  • correctional facilities
  • financial institutions
  • infrastructure projects
  • retail facilities
  • aged care facilities

To read more about the industries successfully using OmTrak please download our Project Profiles.

Who in my team can use the software?

Each module is designed with helpful tools to suit the people working on each stage of the project life cycle.

  • Facility owners
  • builders
  • engineers
  • architects and designers
  • project managers
  • consultants
  • inspectors
  • contractors
  • facility managers

Almost everyone in your team can use the software and find exceptional value in the tools available.

Do you provide support to set up the software?

Our team are experienced and set up projects every day. We work with you to set up your project and train your team as part of your OmTrak or MPlan purchase. If your project is highly complex we can provide additional Project Consulting by one of our specialists. Your business manager will be able to advise you if your set up requires additional consulting. Specialist Project Consulting is not covered in the standard fees, but we are happy to quote based on your needs.

How many user licenses can I have?

You can have as many users as you like per project. We price the project based on the project value, after your set up our team can add as many users as you need from inside your company, or outside contractors

Do you provide free training?

We provide free training to all the users on your project. The training is usually organised in groups for large projects. We also provide excellent phone support for users during business hours

What file types does OmTrak use?

OmTrak can store virtually any file type – even video files. PDF’s and BIM files can be viewed within OmTrak, but to view other file types you will need to download a copy of the file and view from your own PC or device. For example, If an architect wants to view DWG files, they need to ensure they have the compatible software on their computer or they will not be able to open and view the files – but they will be able to download them.


Can I connect OmTrak to my own FM system?

Our team can present your final handover information in a format that can easily transfer to other FM systems. Alternatively, we have FM maintenance tools in OmTrak and an FM forecasting tool called MPlan that is an excellent choice for managing the ongoing maintenance of your complete facility.

Do you have another question?

If you have another question that is not answered on this page or you need more information please contact us by;

  • Filling out the contact form here or
  • Call us direct in business hours