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Collate & streamline design development documentation

Bring the design team together to create a cohesive design report

The creation of Design Reports at the initial feasibility or detailed design stage can be highly complex and time-consuming. The process is usually slow, manual and the generation of the report can require the use of multiple platforms. By the time the construction project is ready for handover, the architects original design elements and the intended use of these elements are often lost. However, to ensure compliance, it is vital that the original safety in design report, risk assessments and operational guidelines are provided to the owner at or before handover.

OmTrak’s unique approach allows Design Reports to be progressively created and reviewed online at each stage of the design process. Using a pre-structured format, the Design Manager uploads their content, relevant drawings, documents and photos. The completed Design Manual is generated as a single, easy-to-read PDF file with links to all attached files.

Design Reports - OmTrak

Progressively created &
reviewed online from
initial feasibility to the final design


Customised set up

The design report software allows for reports to be configured to meet your specific requirements. Once setup, design reports are progressively created and reviewed online at each stage of the design process - from initial feasibility to the final design

Easy assembly

Upload content and documentation via the OmTrak web forms, including feasibility studies, drawings, safety in design, risk assessments and operational guidelines etc. Team-based access ensures everyone stays up to date, even as people join or leave projects.

Organised Structure

OmTrak’s design reports are created in a standardised, intuitive format that’s easier for everyone to use and navigate.

QA and approval

Preview and mark-up your documents online. Track the progress and status of content via the chart reports. Provide feedback, create tasks and set due dates. Simple workflow content approval process.

Digital handover

Digital design reports are professional, user-friendly and searchable.

What our clients say

“One of the greatest frustrations in a Design Manager’s role is dragging the design “story” from the heads of the subject matter experts, typically under extreme time pressure to meet submission deadlines. Having access to an easy to manage tool that enables effective collation of design justification and supporting evidence along the way, minimises the time and pain involved in the process and reduces distractions that divert designers away from their core jobs.”

Peter Wilkinson, Design Manager | Sam Wilko Advisory

#1 Seamless Solution

The design reports module is an integral part of the OmTrak platform. See below the full list of OmTrak Modules.

OmTrak construction management software significantly reduces costs, risks and time delays


This proven online platform is simple to use and allows for builders, owners, and facility managers to undergo complete journey of confidence. Managing large volumes of project-critical information becomes incredibly accurate and effortless, whether you’re in Australia, America, UAE, or anywhere else in the world.

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