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Keep everyone updated with the latest version

OmTrak Construction Software


Keep everyone updated with the latest version

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Easy Document Management Software

Every construction project generates a mountain of critical information. The risk of delays and missing documentation is huge when managing the information with email and in-house systems.

The completion of a project relies on every piece of information being in the hands of the right person at the right time. Keeping track of document versions, changes and approvals is the key to driving a successful project.

OmTrak’s cloud based Document Management software gives everyone access to the information they need, when they need it. With inbuilt version control, document tracking and work flow approvals you can be assured everyone is working off the current set of project documents.

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OmTrak Document Management Software for Construction

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What our clients say

” Christchurch City Council Major Facilities Unit have been using Omtrak since 2017. It has assisted and enhanced the way we deliver our capital works portfolio.

The Email and Document module has allowed the Council to keep a tidy file structure for all projects, giving file access to all parties that require critical information, and creating a simple easy to use and sharing environment. All emails are kept in a secure, tidy & searchable format for all critical communications on our projects.”

Christchurch City Council - OmTrak

Alistair Pearson – Manager, Vertical Capital Delivery, Major Facilites

| Christchurch City Council | 


Easy Document Upload

Easily upload drawings, reports, contracts, BIM models, tenders and any other project documents in this secure collaboration platform.

Version control & audit trails

You’ll know that you’re always accessing the most current version, plus all information is tracked and logged for auditing. Create user and date stamps, and see all changes and version history.

Fast, secure communication

A secure and centrally managed solution for your project’s documents and communication. Send documents and drawings to project participants via transmittals. Create and issue tasks, and schedule future and reoccurring tasks. Team-based access ensures everyone stays up to date, even as people join or leave projects.

Organised Structure

Create folder structures, mimic your company’s internal setup, share folders and documents, and configure privileges.Tag additional information to documents so they are easier to find.

Approval workflows

Streamline the document review and approval process with automated standardised workflows. Full audit trails of decisions and changes made throughout the workflow process. Preview documents online and add annotations.

Mobile Access

OmTrak’s mobile device app lets you keep up to date, no matter where you are. Respond to emails and access documents.
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#1 Seamless Solution

The document management module is an integral part of the OmTrak platform. See below the full list of OmTrak Modules.

OmTrak construction management software significantly reduces costs, risks and time delays


This proven online platform is simple to use and allows for builders, owners, and facility managers to undergo complete journey of confidence. Managing large volumes of project-critical information becomes incredibly accurate and effortless, whether you’re in Australia, America, UAE, or anywhere else in the world.

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