OmTrak Construction Software


A simple and efficient way to
manage tenders


A simple and efficient way to
manage tenders

Tender Management can be time consuming and complicated

OmTraks tender module streamlines the process and keeps everything organised. The module stores all contract terms, specifications  and drawings in one place. It’s quick and easy to issue tender packages to subcontractors and suppliers.

With real time status updates you can see who has quoted and review their submissions. An audit trail keeps a thorough record of all communication, avoiding the risk of disputes and variations.


Streamline & Save time

Create a consistent company wide tender structure. Manage all your documents and drawings in one central place. Accessible anytime, anywhere.

Issue Invites & Addenda

Create your own preferred subcontractors and suppliers list. Easily issue tender invitations without worrying about email and file size restrictions. The system provides visibility of who has downloaded the tender documents. Efficiently notify users of changes with addenda.

Secure Audit Trail

The inbuilt audit history keeps track of all updates, changes and communication. This greatly reduces the risk of disputes or variations throughout the tender process and helps protect against cost blow outs.

Quickly Assemble Packages

Upload documents and create trade packages within minutes. With built in version control you can manage document updates seamlessly. The system will alert you of documents that have not been released to the subcontractors and suppliers, enhancing project controls.

Manage Quotes & RFIs

Stay up to date with instant notifications when a subcontractor or supplier has responded to your tender. Easily review submitted quotations and respond to RFI’s. OmTrak's Tender Module provides you with all the information you need to build that winning project bid.

Simple & Easy to Use

Designed by industry experts to be simple and intuitive to use. Subcontractors will love how easy it is to respond to tender invitations increasing the number of quotations.

#1 Seamless Solution

The tender module is an integral part of the  OmTrak platform. When a bid is finalised it’s easy to share documents, drawings and quotes within OmTrak. This saves time and money in setting up the next phase of your project. See below the full list of OmTrak Modules.

OmTrak construction management software significantly reduces costs, risks and time delays


This proven online platform is simple to use and allows for builders, owners, and facility managers to undergo complete journey of confidence. Managing large volumes of project-critical information becomes incredibly accurate and effortless, whether you’re in Australia, America, UAE, or anywhere else in the world.

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