Take the headache out of Design Reports

Design Managers are looking to streamline the complex process of managing numerous contributions from consultants and to provide the evidence to support the design decisions (including safety in design). Developing Design Reports can be very complex and time-consuming and emailing documents between all the various design contributors can be frustrating.  Typical issues include:

  • Each contributor can inadvertently alter the document formats when adding their content.
  • If contributors are working sequentially then each must wait in turn to add their content slowing the process
  • If contributors are working in parallel then it often falls on the Design Manager to either ‘cut and paste’ into the one report or provide the client with a range of reports from each design specialist.
  • The design report then refers to a range of separate design drawings, requiring the reader to swap from Word to CAD or PDF to view the drawings

On a recent design and construct project in Queensland the Design Manager used WebFM’ s OMTrak Manuals module to produce a very simple and time-saving Design Report.  The Report was structured to allow each design specialist to create their own section. Each specialist completed their section by attaching any relevant documents, drawings, and photos to support their approach and conclusions.  The Design Manager was able to monitor the progress of each Consultant and provide feedback and correction where needed.   The completed Design ‘Manual’ was then compiled into a single PDF document linking all attached files.  The Client can read the PDF, click and view the relevant documents in the context of each of the report’s sections.

Omtrak’s Design Manuals module allows design managers to develop their project design reports at each stage of the design process and can be used to streamline traditional Design Reporting to capture the entire process in a simple easy to use format.

So how does it work?

The flexibility of OMTrak’s Design Manuals allows the Design Manager to pre-structure the report with sections and headings to suit the specific project scope and stage.  Economic feasibility studies, environmental assessments, heritage reports and the traditional architectural, electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, structural etc can all be accommodated within the one design document.  In addition critical ‘Safety in Design’ can be embedded to ensure design compliance with legislation.

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