WebFM listed 10th most popular Software by Capterra

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WebFM listed 10th most popular Software by Capterra

WebFM has been listed as 10th most popular Maintenance Management Software by Capterra, one of the most comprehensive software review websites on the market.

Capterra, with over 400 categories and 200,000 reviews on their website, leads the B2B software review market through its easy to use comparison platform. We’re excited that OmTrak ranked so well in this space and hope to continue to help streamline large-scale construction projects across the world. OmTrak’s popularity has had a steady increase and we feel it is linked with its easy to use documents capture and the Siteworks app which allows you to turn on and action maintenance orders directly on site both offline and online. It considerably reducing the time it takes to catch up on admin when returning back in the office.

Capterra’s Top 20 Most Popular Maintenance Management Software Report

Capterra explains the Maintenance Management Software Report on their website as follows:

“Maintenance Management Software is used in a wide variety of organizations to streamline maintenance processes, helping organizations ensure consistent performance and increased efficiency across their facilities, equipment and vehicles. With an estimated market size of over $2 billion, maintenance management software helps to automate and monitor maintenance schedules, reducing costs, and optimizing the process of repairing and replacing key assets. Below is a look at the most popular options as measured by a combination of their total number of customers, active users, and online presence.”

See the report here:

Thanks to the team at WebFM for creating a great product and providing knowledgeable service to our customers!

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