Simple and efficient online project collaboration

Industry-First Project Management and Collaboration Software

OmTrak is an award-winning online project collaboration platform developed specifically for construction projects.

Its seven fully integrated modules combine to offer all project teams, owners and facility managers one central, cloud-based collaboration platform. OmTrak streamlines documentation, compliance management and communication like never before.

Learn about Omtrak Project Collaboration Software for the Construction Industry

With OmTrak software, online project tracking and collaboration in construction industries becomes a highly streamlined process, which allows for significant savings in terms of time and budget. .svg

Documents Management

Securely and quickly upload and share all your project-specific information in one online location. Others can review, comment and approve as needed, saving time and money.

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Operations and Maintenance Manuals

Eliminate handover delays and improve the quality of your O&M manuals. Using OmTrak, high-quality manuals are ready before they’re needed.

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Design Manuals

Progressively create and review the design reports at each stage of the design process. The completed Design Manual is a single, easy-to-read PDF file with links to all attached files.

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Punch Lists (Site Works)

This module lets you record, distribute and manage any defects, snags or punchlists faster and more efficiently. Managing your site becomes easier, more accurate and more automated.

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Facility Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance scheduling is streamlined with the FM module. Automate scheduling and future maintenance work orders, and easily link scheduled maintenance to your operations and maintenance manuals.

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BIM Management

With OmTrak’s BIM module, every project team can quickly and easily access multidimensional project models. Decision-making and coordination is improved across the board.

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Mail, RFIs & Tasks

Available with all modules, OmTrak’s email tasking automatically captures and categorises all email correspondence so you have a complete and undeletable audit trail.

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Project Reports

The Reporting feature comes with all OmTrak modules. Track the status of approvals, defects and data to get visibility over the entire project workflow.

OmTrak project management software significantly reduces costs, risks and time delays

This proven online platform is simple to use and allows for builders, owners, and facility managers to undergo complete journey of confidence. Managing large volumes of project-critical information becomes incredibly accurate and effortless, whether you’re in Australia, America, UAE, or anywhere else in the world.

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