Mail, RFI's & Tasks

Built in features that automatically captures all email correspondence.

OmTrak’s Mail, RFIs & Task features streamline project-wide communication.

With so many different teams, people and organizations involved in a construction project, capturing and tracking all communication is usually impossible. Project-critical emails can easily be deleted or incorrectly filed – mistakes that can prove costly.

Keeping track of approvals, who has seen what email, and what task has or hasn’t been actioned is time-consuming and subject to error.

OmTrak’s Emails & Tasks gives you a complete, undeletable audit trail.

This powerful and unique feature comes with all OmTrak modules. Every project-related email is captured and categorized, and with our search feature, locating specific correspondence is simple.

Unique to OmTrak, you can also create reoccurring emails and embedded tasks. All required actions and associated deadlines are attached, and all responses and comments are centrally saved.

This unique feature lets you see who has read every email and actioned every task.


Fully integrated

  •  The Mail Module is fully integrated with OmTrak’s Manuals, Site Works, FM and BIM modules

Automate emails and tasks

  • Schedule reoccurring emails and tasks for the life of the project

Mobile Access

  • OmTrak’s mobile device app has complete online/offline capability so you can keep up to date, no matter where you are

Customised set up

  • Customisable email types for categorising emails so they’re easier and faster to find
  • Quickly configure task and response types to suit your projects
  • Easily manage email distribution rules

Track the status of all emails and tasks

  • Overdue or incomplete actions are automatically flagged for attention
  • Access emails and tasks in one central place that’s linked to all OmTrak modules
  • Easily configure regular task summary reports to be issued via email

Fast, secure communication

  • A completely secure and centrally managed solution for your project communication
  • Emails cannot be deleted, reducing the risk of disputes and providing a solid audit trail
  • Automatic email threading so related conversations are grouped together
  • Team-based access ensures everyone stays up to date, even as people join or leave projects
  • Powerful filters make it easy to find and sort your emails, and you can save the filter function to quickly apply to future sessions