OmTrak Construction Software


A powerful solution for managing construction punch lists & maintenance

OmTrak Construction Software


A powerful solution for managing construction punch lists & maintenance

Connecting builders, contractors & clients in real time

Managing punch lists and maintenance with paper, spreadsheets or emails is inefficient. These outdated methods are time consuming, costly and don’t provide real time visibility.

Siteworks makes managing your construction defects and maintenance easy. The mobile application has full functionality both online and offline. Teams have real-time access and data collection ability even in mobile black spots.

The scheduled maintenance function helps builders prove compliance during the DLP period. Maintenance can be automatically scheduled using existing data from the O&M Manuals


Construction Defects Management is streamlined. Easily take Photos onsite and share with your team.


Fully integrated

The Site Works Module is fully integrated with OmTrak’s Documents, Manuals, FM and BIM modules.

Mobile Access

OmTrak’s mobile device app has complete online/offline capability so you can keep up to date, no matter where you are

Real-time status tracking

Construction job tracking software allows for the quick viewing of actioned or outstanding tasks. Generate chart reports, exportable spreadsheets and log books. Review a complete audit history of each work issue. Team-based access ensures everyone stays up to date, even as people join or leave projects.

Customised set up

Create a site inspection form with your own input fields and category lists

Automate your maintenance schedules

Set up reoccurring scheduled maintenance linked to your operations and maintenance manuals to ensure correct servicing. Transfer seamlessly from contracted to ongoing owner servicing

Faster and more accurate site inspections

No more hand-written notes and clipboards. Create, distribute, manage, review and close issues - all in real time. QR Scan locations to quickly identify buildings, levels and spaces. Attach supporting documents and photos, and mark up in real time. Bulk import and export site issues.
OmTrak No 1 Construction Software

#1 Seamless Solution

The site works module is an integral part of the OmTrak platform. See below the full list of OmTrak Modules.

OmTrak construction management software significantly reduces costs, risks and time delays


This proven online platform is simple to use and allows for builders, owners, and facility managers to undergo complete journey of confidence. Managing large volumes of project-critical information becomes incredibly accurate and effortless, whether you’re in Australia, America, UAE, or anywhere else in the world.

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