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The below WebFM projects show the use of OmTrak software to manage construction through to facility management. These projects used the tools available within OmTrak at various stages of the building life cycle. Many of them utilised our consulting services to gain expert guidance and complement the use of the software. OmTraks versatility is demonstrated by the different size budgets and types of projects across several industries.


 To view any of the WebFM projects as a downloadable PDF click on the image or the link below.

Australian Projects

Anglicare WebFM Project
Barangaroo Towers WebFM Project
Dept of Defence -WebFM-Project

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If we have not shown your industry, you might wonder if OmTrak is the right software to manage your next construction job. OmTrak can be customised to suit nearly any building or infrastructure project.

One of our experts will be happy to discuss the details of your project and guide you toward an effective solution. We can demo the software and give you more examples of how OmTrak will organise and optimise the building process.  Contact us to talk with an OmTrak specialist.