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The WebFM Story

WebFM was the brainchild of Stuart Smith. While he was working as an asset management consultant on the Sydney Olympic Games, he realised the gross inefficiencies and shortcomings of the incumbent asset hand over process.

Stuart knew there must be a way to transform this process from manual and people-driven, to highly integrated, collaborative and data-driven. He used technology to develop a process that would revolutionise project hand overs. He called it OmTrak.

WebFM then applied this same innovative thinking to facility maintenance planning. Turning the traditional approach to condition assessments and ongoing maintenance planning on its head, we developed a next-generation solution – MPlan.

We’ve continued to refine and improve our tools and consulting services in response to technological advancements. Today, some of the world’s leading construction firms, government and defence departments and major education providers use WebFM to achieve an optimal asset solution.

Stuart Smith

WebFM Founder and Director

WebFM is an award-winning company with a highly experienced team of consultants & software developers

Since our inception, we’ve used technology to apply our simplification logic to every phase of building and facilities management. Our three integrated solutions – OmTrak, MPlan and consulting services – combine to give everyone across the entire project incredible efficiencies. We bring every document and collaboration point together in one place. With WebFM, everything is in hand.

We’d love to show you how our innovations will optimise your assets, document management and maintenance. Whether you’re a builder, owner or facilities manager, WebFM’s solutions will give you a complete journey of confidence.

WebFM Executive Team

WebFM has an experienced and knowledgeable team with representatives in many locations around the globe. Our team are constantly developing innovative technologies to better manage construction and facilities. Our executive team is featured below.

Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith

Founder & Director

Brett Hulyer

Brett Hulyer

General Manager

Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis

Managing Consultant

WebFM consultants have worked with leading firms and government departments across the globe.

We’d love to show you how our consulting services will help optimise your assets and maintenance. Whether you’re a builder, owner or facilities manager, WebFM’s consulting solutions will give you a complete journey of confidence. Fill out the form to get in touch with the WebFM consulting team. A WebFM expert will contact you for an obligation free chat about your project requirements.